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Close-up magic
Magic takes place mere inches from your incredulous eyes!
Ultra personalized and interactive, close-up magic is perfect for corporate evenings, staff and cocktail parties, festivals, private and special events. Such entertainment is really popular, wonderfully impressive and a brilliant ice-breaker throughout a wedding or dinner, when guests are not familiar with each other.
Mini-miracles right in your own hands
Strolling among your guests and visitors, Loran performs bewildering mini-miracles and mega-mysteries using cards, ropes, jewellery, rings, coins or other small objects. Close-up magic is very impressive because the illusions happen right in front of you or even directly in your own hands, without any possibility of camera trick. This type of presentation gives you the chance to be sitting down in the front row and be ready to witness the impossible. Furthermore…
  • It can be presented anywhere, in any setting.
  • It does not required special installations.
  • It does not interrupt other ongoing activities.
  • It can be presented in French and English.
Personalized presentation
Typically, Loran moves from table to table or from one group of person to another. Then, he presents an intimate close-up magic show of a few minutes with a series of amazing magic tricks and incredible sleigh of hands. The whole presentation is intertwined with humour and a good deal of interaction with the spectators who actively participate with the magic. Thereby, each presentation is personalized according to the audience. Your guests will remember this moment for a long time. No doubt, Loran’s incredible close-up magic will fascinate the audience, leaving your guests wondering… « But, how does he do that? »
With close-up magic, you are in the first row to experience the mystery and unbelievable magic of the illusionist Loran.
Loran – Illusionist

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