Fire eating / Loran Magician - Illusionist

Fire eating
Experience the magic of fire eating with the magician Loran.

From his fire-eating performances to a spectacular show stopping fire blowing performance with an eight-foot ball of flame hurling forth from his mouth, Loran’s mastery of earth’s most mesmerizing element will exhilarate your event with a dramatic flare. These can be presented as stationary performances for a very memorable greeting to welcome your guests upon arrival.

A fire-eating presentation never leaves anyone unmoved. Just like a fireworks show, you will hear the ooooooh! and the aaaaaah! coming from the spectators amazed by these colours lights. Seeing such a performance with their own eyes, and even feeling the powerful warmth on their faces, will absolutely leave your guests with an unforgettable memory!

impressive fire eating show with Loran Magician illusionist and fire eater
Example of a fire eating who with Loran, magician
Fire breather
Equal to an artist before his canvas, Loran will paint your evening sky using the light of his magical flames!
Whether for a corporate event, a festival, a school or a private party, treat your guests with a fire-breathing magician.
Loran – Illusionist

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