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Magic workshop and conference
Learn magic with a world-class professional.

Loran presents conferences to his peer magicians wishing to upgrade their magical skills. But he also offers magic workshops for novices of all ages who want to learn tricks and the arts of illusion! (French & English)

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1-Magic Workshop

Magic workshop for Schools, Day Camps, Libraries and special events.

With this magic workshop, you too can learn magic tricks and how to impress your friends with several astonishing magic illusions using everyday objects. Learn magic tricks with ropes, cards and how to do mind reading. Discover the psychology of illusion and how « magic » is actually created. In addition, explore the fascinating life of famous magicians such as Houdini, the master of escapes. Fun and educational, this magic workshop will please children and adults alike. (French & English)

Age: Children and adults (7 years and up)

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2-Conference for magicians

Conferences for Magicians, Magic Clubs, Conventions and Magicians Associations

With over 30 years of experience, Loran offers a most inspiring lecture, covering a vast array of topics in the art of illusion. Loran discusses and explains many of his original effects using various objects such as cards, spoons and scarves. This includes the suitability of effects for close-up magic, as well as those more appropriate for a stage performance. A part of the lecture is devoted to the technical aspects of stage performance, and includes how to create a good Cue sheet and Technical requirement document. This segment will benefit both the seasoned professional magicians, as well as the novice beginner. The knowledge that is shared with you has been obtained over decades spent in real stage situation experiences. The lecture is also filled with informative, fun, and entertaining anecdotes from Loran’s many shows. Loran guarantees that no matter what your current level, you will take away knowledge and skills that can be implemented immediately! (French & English)

Loran has mastered the art of magic literally to his fingertips. Here’s your chance to learn from an international master illusionist.
Loran – Illusionist

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