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Description of 3 different magic shows

Our illusion and magic shows are appropriate for varied audiences.

Loran offer magic shows suitable for corporate events, elementary and high schools / college, as well as festivals and other special events. He can also customized his presentations to accommodate your vision. From a dynamic 10 minutes performance for a gala, to a full-length 60 minutes show, Loran will enchant an intimate gathering of guests or a full theatre audience. Loran performs in French, English and with the universal language of music.

Loran personally guaranties your satisfaction. Otherwise you pay nothing!

Loran magician illusionist, Sorcellia magic shows


Magic show perfect for corporate events, high school / college, theatre, festival, gala and any special events.

Spectacular and ultra-visual, Sorcellia is a magic show brimming with amazing magic… from beginning to end! With extraordinary dexterity, the illusionist Loran presents a non-stop stream of unique, incredible illusions and magic effects. Witness a mystical cup that floats, before disappearing in mid-air; pocket watches and giant clocks appearing out of nowhere; the suspense-filled guillotine challenge; stage illusions with theatrical choreography; and a mesmerizing ghost story concerning a mysterious, old portrait! The presentation is completed with moments of poetry and audience participation. Be prepared to be captivated by a profound sense of wonderment! (Watch the video below)

« Loran had us all on the edges of our seats! » (Firelight Gathering Festival, ON)

Loran magician illusionist, Magic Grimoire magic shows


Magic show perfect for family audience, elementary schools, festivals and any special events.

Inspired by the Harry Potter stories, Magic Grimoire leads you into a world of magic and poetry! Witness a Phoenix feather float, burn, and then rise from the ashes. Magical spells mysteriously appear on the pages of a book. From the Goblet of Fire spring streamers, scarves and a mesmerizing storm of confetti. The entire audience participates in a magical experience. Witness Arthur the raccoon, a puppet who must escape from a flaming bag. This magic show includes humour, audience participation and so much more! (Watch the video below)

« I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this show for every school ! » (Rosario-Tanguay school, Welland, ON)

Loran magician illusionist, comedy magic shows


Magic show perfect for corporate events, family audience, high school / college, festival and any special event.

On multiple occasions, Loran has appeared as guest artist at the « Just for Laughs » evenings in Quebec city and at the « Comedy Nest Club » in Montreal. His gift of connecting with his audience creates a climate of relaxation and intimacy. With a Stand-up Cabaret style, this magic show focuses on humour and audience participation, supported by solid magic effects in an amiable atmosphere that will enchant and amaze. Loran conveys his good-natured spirit through tasteful comedy and fascinating mysteries. Be spellbound by vanishing objects. A volunteer will discover his psychic power. Without fail, this show achieves mirth and amazement … just like magic!

« You have performed this show with a remarkable dynamism! » (Donohue, Clermont, QC.)



EXCALIBUR (4.50 min)

Whatever the event, the illusionist Loran will surely entertain, amaze and dazzle your audience with style and professionalism.

« A magician? No, Loran is much more than that! »

(Château Mont-Sainte-Anne, QC)

« The show captivated young and old from beginning to end. A must see! »

(André Lambert, Ovascène, Qc)

« Loran had us all on the edges of our seats! »

(Firelight Gathering Festival, ON)

« It was wonderful to watch you create such magical memories for us! »

(Echoes Festival, ON)

« Not only did all the students truly enjoy the show, the comments we received from the teacher were laudatory »

(École Saint-Noël-Chabanel, ON)

« His professionalism and his immense talent are a guarantee of success for our theme evenings and our divers corporate events! »

(Manoir Richelieu, Charlevoix, QC)

« If you ever get the opportunity to see this artist perform… GO!!! Loran is wonderfull! »

(T. Murray, Magical Dream, ON)

« You have performed this show with a remarkable dynamism! »

(Donohue, Clermont, QC.)

Loran – Illusionist

Montreal, Qc, Canada



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