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Here is a preview in photos and videos of the illusionist Loran.
Here are some promo pictures and on stage of Loran. Click on images to enlarge.
Loran the illusionist on stage
Loran magician illusionist on stage with Kristel
Amazing magic with Loran illusionist
Magic duel with Loran and Camille
Loran magician illusionist during a magic show in Algeria, Africa
Loran the illusionist with Kristel
Loran magician illusionist presenting the magic act " Momentum"
Loran getting ready for the escape
Magical Snowstorm
Loran magician illusionist performing the magic piece "Fleur du mal"
Loran magicien illusionist performing the illusion Excalibur
The illusionist Loran at the "Festival de magie de Québec"
Straight jacket escape
Cabinet of Curiosities Mysteria
Loran magician illusionist and Stephanie
Loran magician doing a magic show in Algeria for 5000 peoples
Magic and poetry with Loran illusionist
Mysterious magic
Magician on stage
The illusionist Loran on his way to amaze you

Watch the short demo of the shows « Sorcellia » and « Magic Grimoire » as well as an excerpt of Loran and his assistant with the stage illusion « Excalibur »


EXCALIBUR (4.50 min)
Elegance, mystery, magic, professionalism, these are all the elements you will find with the illusionist Loran … and much more.
Loran – Illusionist

Montreal, Qc, Canada



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